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Unit Profile: The Sages of Enmity


Born of the Ultima Founding the Sages of Enmity Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes began life as members of the Unnumbered Sons of Guilliman, known also as the Grey Shields. Drawn from the genetic progeny of Ferrus Manus these men fought within the mighty armada of the Indomitus Crusade, plying the stars to arrest mankind's headlong plunge into ruin. When the devastation of the Praeses Vahlandia was discovered by the Crusade upon their arrival in the Sector, the sanction was given to form a new chapter to stand sentinel in Vahland. 

The Sages' Chapter Master, Zhong Kui. was chosen for his even-handed temperament and capable mind for political maneuvering, a useful skill in the often tumultuous political, religious, and military organizations that make up the Vahland Sector. Master Kui, after much discussion with his new Chaplains, based the Chapter's heraldry on the tragedy of their Primarch, The helm and arms of each brother would bear a blood-red pigment, symbolic of their father's sacrifice, and referencing the chapter's teachings where the origins of a warriors power lie in the mind and are channeled outward through the arms. In contrast to the fiery red, the core of their armor would be a slate gray showing their immovable resolve and acting as a symbolic metaphor for their role as the bedrock of humanity, for without the constant sacrifice and strife of the Astartes, the dominion of Mankind would surely topple.

The Chapter's Organization follows the Codex standard as laid down by Primarch Guilliman but has the quirk of the Order Youxia [You-She-Ha], which is a variation on the Crux Terminatus Honorific within other chapters, it essentially signals personal veterancy, meritorious adherence to the cult and creed of the chapter, and highlights the Brothers aptitude in combat. The Youxia, make up all manner of ranks throughout the Chapter, and each bear specially forged power blades and a ritual plumed helmet as a signifier of the honor they bear. 

The Liberation of Haspis Marina was the first conflict that the Chapter took part in, Vahland Sector's capital world, it was paramount that the new stewards of the region take part in freeing its highest offices of the taint of Chaos. A brutally hard-fought campaign, which lasted for 7 Months, the action saw the Sages of Enmity and hundreds of other Imperial formations sweep through a Chaos Tainted Coalition led by major elements of the Word Bearers. The aftermath of this action would have deeply resonating aftershocks, with many of the traitor coalition fracturing across the Sector and going on to launch their own campaigns in the years that followed, some of the Sector's most notorious villains and most glorious heroes fought at Haspis Marina, such as Galgathrax the Unwholesome, and Captain Corporis of the Sons of Medusa. The Campaign is memorialized on the Chapter Standard with a flaming sword plunging through 9 spheres wrapped with a twisting serpent, noting the Emperor's Sword wielded by Robute Guilliman, the nine worlds of the Haspian system, and its occupation by traitors.

Following the victory at Haspis Marina, the Sages of Enmity journeyed to the nearby system of Iocles, where the Chapter founded its homeworld, in the high altitude mountain ranges of the systems prime world, adopting its barely industrialized society as theirs. Master Kui, favored the world for its similarity to Medusa, the world of their gene line's progeny, and for its supposed "Sage Kings" who operate fledgling client states amidst the bones of a once ascendant Dark Age of Technology civilization. 

When the 1st Jornathii Ork War began, some 93 years following the Liberation of Haspis Marina, the Sages of Enmity had several smaller campaigns throughout the Sector under their proverbial belts. The Orks of the Skinner Worlds had been a spot of anxiety for the Chapter, Ork Empires are notoriously volatile, and prone to violent land grabs. The Sages were scattered throughout the Vahland Sector, when the initial Ork landings occurred on Jornath, dealing with threats from a number of great and lesser Xenos and Heretic forces. It was hoped that the Jornath system, being the seat of some of the Urient Sub-Sectors most prolific trade guilds, and noble families would be able to bring to bear such overwhelming manpower and equipment that a landing by Orks in such numbers as were present on the world in the Early War period would not greatly threaten regional stability. When the Emerald Scream incident occurred, triggering a major fleet deployment of Orks from the Skinner Worlds, it became clear to the Sages of Enmity that they would be required to aid in the defense alongside those Astartes and Imperial Guard Armies already present in the system. 

The Sages of Enmity arrived shortly after the Fall of Ankou, in fact, their 2nd, 4th, and 6th Companies arrived in the system during the final hours of the Battle for the High Civitans Palace, during which they joined forces with the withdrawing portions of Battlegroup Ankou, and took positions with the Jornathii System Defense Fleet and Battlefleet Vahland where the took part in what is still the largest orbital fleet action in the Sub-Sectors history.  When the Orks broke through and began landing forces in the Writt Expanse, near Hive Oakenzid, the Sages of Enmity took to the ground alongside thousands of other Astartes and millions of PDF and Guard troops. In that time many great actions occurred, with members of 4th Company neutralizing a formation of Xenos Gargants under Traggazog Metalcap, and the 2nd leading the push of 10th KCC, the 7th Chonn Heavy Infantry, 32nd Antinar Deepers and the 12/16th Oakenzid Conscripted Levy in the jaws of Ur Bloodstamp, one of the Starflaya's prime lieutenants, resulting in the death of that great foe at the hands of Color Sgt. Felica Janol of the 32nd Antinar Deepers, earning the respect of Captain Hóng tāo. The 32nd to this day bear the Sages Chapter marking on their regimental banner, alongside the mummified skull of Ur Bloodstamp, which hangs from the banner pole. 

In the years following the 1st Jornathii Ork War, the Sages have been active in advocating for a number of significant military expeditions in the Sink of Erasmus, and the Skinner Worlds to neutralize the significant threat posed by these dens of the aliens and heretics before they can again sally out to sew havoc through the sub-sector.  As the Chapter ages, they have continued to refine their Cult and Creed, focusing on a methodical and dispassionate response to threats, and placing special credence to rapid ruthless strikes to eliminate their targets. 

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