Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Morning Post Session ! 40k-15mm

Alright so its around eleven and a friday, im eating some breakfast, off becuase i don't have any exams to take today, and talking about the hobby. So needless to say im in a good mood !

First off i wanted to address the "St. Lusica" campaign from way back a few months ago. It seems owen's not going to be able to do it with his Tyranids as its set-up for an Imperial v. LATD v. Daemons. his dad also appears to busy.

Now i wanted to know if anyone in my local area would be interested in steping in. I can re-work it to be a 1v1 campaign if thats going to be neccessary.   I quite simply have put alot into the bone work of the campaign and i'd hate to see it fall apart.

That said, i've managed to finish on of the corsair bikes.

And in 15mm news, i've attained a Hungarian Platoon of infantry, FoW in origin, i'll be using them as the Cimmerian Invaders for "The Christmas War" campaign from DROPSHIP HORIZON

A pic of the infantry and the Mechwarrior Mech i'll be converting to fit into the army aswell.

more to come later this weekend. As i go to the game store tommorow.


-Your Favorite Madman-


  1. I could maybe play in the campaign. What kind of force would I need?

  2. Any kind of loyalist army that would oppose an Invading LATD group. Starting size is hopefully in around 1000 point min and it would be cool to have an apoc- near apoc size game to finish it all off with.

  3. I just noticed a terrifying daemon monster thingy in the background of these two pics. You will tell me what this is for or I will report you shenanigans to the nearest Inquisitor, and the nearest Inquisitor is a puritan so don't be fooling around bucko.


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