Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Another Big Game, & "Operation FREEloader" (i'll get to squats soon!)

Went to Hobbytown on Saturday. Got in a game with some "not so regulars". Anyway the match-up is as follows.

Pilgrims of Rust & Tau Empire   vs.   Space Wolves & Craftworld Eldar.    2500 points

Sieze-Ground/Pitched Battle

The First turns shooting proved severally ineffectual for us. I immediately decided that i'd buy the tau some time to fire by charging the entire combined Rallen squad into the heart of the enemy advance toward the central objective, and cause as much havoc as possible.  This conicided with the Russ' Immobilizing the SW raider just outside of a charge for the occupants, and wrecking the Forward Wave Serpent.  What was looking to be a decimating loss, turned into a real fight from here on out.

The Rallens continue to press into the city drawing off a rhino filled with angry marines from our right flank defenses, and a wave serpent filled with Banshee's and Eldrad. The Autocannons immobilized the Other wolf rhino directly infront of a squad of Fire Warriors who opt to play the waiting game for the marines to hop out of their transport or for the big guns to crack the tank.

The Rallens pull a heroic tale from this. and Force off the Dire Avengers from their position. as well as shooting Eldrad and his squad down to 1 banshee and a wounded Eldrad, who then promptly routed from the table.  The Rallen storm into the center objective.

The Wolf Rhino lets out its passagers and a brutal melee ensues in the heart of the city. This fight carry's on until the end of the game, with dozens of rallens left fighting the last two members of this squad.  The Wolf Hero's butcher their way into the Right Flank getting their just in time to contest that objective.  The Tau on the extreme left push in and hold their position and the Dire Avengers are able to pick up a ride and swoop into the last objective just in time. 

The game ends on turn 5 with a drawed match.

1 to 1, since the center melee had not ended and therefore the objective was open.

In other news.  I played mission two of space hulk  which well... ended badly for the marines. NOM NOM NOM.  muwhahahahah!   

Also, some of you might know, that i won the Executioners Contest from Sippin on Paint Water. Anyway i broke out the very few amount of marines i have and orchestrated my nefarious powers to get another 28 basic starter marines, the AoBR captian, and termies, and the Blood Angels book. All for painting favors. so this army will cost me..... NOTHING 0_0

More to come on this whenever chris puts up a tutorial on how he painted the executioners lol.


-your favorite madman-


  1. Oh yeah, I almost forgot about posting that tutorial, I definitely get that up this week, maybe tomorrow.

  2. Cool, I was curious how that game would go.

  3. Now that you have Executioners you should join The Badab Veterans.
    Get in there initiate.


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