Monday, February 6, 2012

Saturday Games, and the rest of the Squats.

So, as usual i went up to the Gaming Store this Saturday and played a couple of games.

The first one. a 1500 game against Landon's  Hammers of Ornus.

Spearhead-Capture and Control.

I lost, The Attack Bikes (Not normal bikes)  loaded up with melta hit the lines around turn 3 and shut down the shooting of both tanks. While the forward weapon teams died first turn from the Rifle-Dreads. The command teams and the Infantry then had to scramble to meet targets as they approached from the Horde of rhinos filled with Marines.  The Vendetta came in  and destoryed a dred, and unloaded the vets who tried to get to the objective, prior to being blown apart by three predators and an additional tactical squad.  *sigh.    NEXT TIME! !!! haha.

Then. A sudden massive thud came from the parking lot and i watched in horror as the Power Armored figures of Chris and Chris strode from their drop pod into the store.  Or something like that... my memory's a little fuzzy.   Anyway, me and Chris H. got into a game 1k. 

I got to fight against the brothers of my newly accquired Executioners.
Deployment was Spearhead-Capture and Control (oddly enough)

I deployed first, and Chris opt'd to keep his entire force in reserve. A bold plan that paid off as he got in the Bulk of his army at one time anyway. 

The Terminators deep struck into our lines and got stuck  into  melee after melee as Traitors swarmed over them.  Other Executioner advances were met with cannon fire and las, and were unable to breach the lines. The Vendetta Came in and was blown apart before doing any real damage. The Vets however faired much better and were able to blow up the Razorback before being slaughtered like cattle.

All-in-all the game ended in a draw (despite Chris' dirty final gambit !). with lots of fun memorable moments like an Infantry Sgt's death or glory-ing a rhino. The Company Commander holding off a terminator squad with his chainsword. and The Terminator Sgt. fighting off the horde.

Finally pics of some Squat stuff.

Most importantly the Giant Raider "counts-as"   made from two M3 Lee turrets, the Body of a Lee and some plasticard.

Next up I think i'll post up some 15mm propaganda and pics of different things. As Chris and Chris, have told me that they are both interested in the matter. So expect an Even more diverse amount of hobby from here on.

And as i was about to finish up. i remembered that i also Accquired a Techmarine, and 2 scouts for the Executioners "FREEloader" project. For painting some more Hammers of Ornus.

I think thats it gang

-Your Favorite Madman-


  1. Our battle was the righteous conflict between the forces of the Dark Gods and the Noble Savagery of the Emperor's Executioners. It was also super fun! As far as 15 mm goes, do you really think the forces of your backwards "Conclave" can hope to stand against the Unity, Prosperity and Progress of the PGCC? Through Commerce or Force the PGCC will prevail!

  2. I like how the Lee Raider turned out.

  3. I found Beastmen Troopers for 28 mm.
    No one would question the allegiance of forces of rust if they had Beastmen.

  4. @sonsoftaurus. I agree !

    @ Chris, FOOLS!, death to Tyranny ! and also, beastmen ftw.


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