Monday, February 27, 2012

Opening Stages of the Battle for Sellas.

First off, i know i promised 40k, so just quickly i'd like to add that i've gotten 2 drop pods (Which are a Pain and a half to build), a 10 man assault squad, a 5 man Vangaurd Vet squad, and a sprue of wolf gaurd bits (which i'll convert the SGT's and a "not gabriel seth" up with soon)  for the Executioners. Pics soon!

On to 15mm.


Sellas, is a world in the disputed sector between Conclave and PGCC space. Its capital is Sellas Harbor, and it is cheifly a mineral production and refinement world. CMI infantry and mechanized regiments landed on the Versari Basin, a week ago and have since moved into the Mountainous interior of the continent and toward Sellas Harbour. Since their intital landings they have not met much organized corporate resistance. That is, until reaching the Selliac Line, a string of PGCC outposts for around 300 miles, dividing the center of the mountains in two and seperating the mostly rural unpopulated regions from the more settled areas near Sellas Harbour. When CMI infantry reached this obstacle the commanders ordered platoon sized units to sneak through breaks in the line and incite rioting in the villages further in the mountains.  Many of these units have met with only partial success as PGCC forces have contained the situation until now. But in a sleepy village named Gothago the war sparked in earnest.

A Resupply convoy of PGCC truck was en route to one of the Selliac Line outposts, gaurded by two squads of Combat Technicians and a SYMON when Milita incited by a platoon of CMI burst from hiding in the town. and opened fire on the passing convoy.

The first milita are cut down in a few short seconds and the convoy begins to move on.
But not before executing all of the men who dared to try and stop them.

As the Convoy moved around the edge of a large mountian, the CMI regulars opened fire from several consealed position. taking a heavy toll on the PGCC teams foolish enough to stick their heads out of cover. 

                             (A view of the CMI sniper team on the ridge at the far side of town)

As the Convoy and Combat Technicians worked their way into town, still more Milita burst from hiding, pinning much of the convoy security behind cover.  In a last despirate gambit the Truck drivers gunned their engines down the center road, only to be picked off by the sniper team. As the trucks slammed to a halt, the Combat Technicians commandeered them and raced toward the end of the killzone and the safety of the Outpost.  However, the CMI infantry took one disabled truck, smashing it into the back of the escaping PGCC. Wrecking both, and scattering the supplies across the road.

                          (an aerial view of Golthago, and the wreckage of the aftermath.)

                             (the carnage on the roadway, from the sniper teams perspective)

With the trucks burning in the roadway, the supplies lost to both sides, and dozens dead and wounded, the battle for Sellas had only just begun.

Official Outcome: Tactical Draw.

CMI Casualties: 4 (approx.)
Milita Casualties: 24 (approx.)
PGCC Casualties: 11 (approx.)

Great Game, had a lot of fun and its great really getting to be so fluff with it. Im in the process of making a modular 15mm city. Which i may have pics of sometime soon.

You can check out, the PGCC perspective on the Battle of Golthago at Sippin' on Paint Water

More Hobbying To Come

-Your Favorite Madman-

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  1. Even now the PGCC has restructured their budget for Sellas in order to allow an escalation of force against the enemies of prosperity and progress. A new Tactical Security Division is being organized to augment the forces of the PGSCD, the elements of the TSD will be deployed in force all along the border reaches of PGCC territory to combat the recent gains of the Conclave and hold off the advances of rogue humans and aliens. This will herald a new age of profits and expansion, one where the Conclave will have no place to push its radical dogmatic views.


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