Thursday, February 9, 2012

15mm. Background Redux

For those with memories i posted up my 15mm fluff a bit ago. Now with several others in the area
getting interested in it. I've decided to trim up the thing a bit and make it more plausible.

The general concept of an Anti-Authority, Authoritarian Slaver Government is still there. But im thinking that they'll utilize a napoleonic style for their troops with the Tanks following a massed cavalry tactics. The Enslaved Aliens will be a milita maybe ?

Other idea is a band of rugged militant extremist that use the aliens as a more equal force to themselves.

Just bouncing ideas around.  let me know what you think. guys

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  1. A good real world model for your forces may be the ancient Spartans. Most people know the whole Thermopylae incident, but that's where their knowledge of the Spartans as a people end. Sparta was a ruled by a king and it's elite units were made up of land owning Spartans; what most people aren't aware of is that Spartans enslaved other Greeks and at times it's armies were more slave than free. This behavior was regarded with disgust by most Greeks; Slavery was widely accepted in Greece but slaves were generally from non Greek societies. This kind of thing might be what you want for your culture; they are certain of their cultural superiority and have no problem with subjugated aliens or other humans who aren't part of their society.


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