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15mm Background Redux.

Eisenhorn Conclave.


            In the early days of human galactic expansion, Sol system mega corporations vied for colonization rights to the rift of space dubbed “The Rim”. This was fought out on largely isolated worlds between small corporate armies, and largely determined territorial lines on planets, and safe transit lanes in between systems.

The Rim War.

            A few decades of living at peace with neighboring alien civilizations, finally breaks into open warfare when a colony ship belonging to Galactica-Saturn Corp, sets up on the moon of Venzi 65-KL7 or “New Saturn” as it was dubbed by the colonists, breaking treaties with 9 different empires.

            Less than a week later, the outpost on New Saturn is obliterated by a massive task force of aliens known as the Jenokar. Planets and systems all across the rim also come under attack from aliens. The corporations pull military supplies from all across human domains in a rush to stop a total invasion of Human controlled space. 

            Human casualties are terribly high in the first few months of the war, some planetary defense forces are butchered by alien invasion forces numbering almost a million. While others were able to hold out for a time against the smaller alien invasion forces, when the Corporation armada’s arrived at the sector capital of Davenport, it was already under siege. The Corporate armadas engaged in a massive fleet battle above the planet, it was however highly one sided, with the alien fleet limping away in defeat.

            With Davenport secure, the fleets spread out across the sector. It is wholly impossible to recount all the feats of glory and disgrace acquired by the corporation armies sent out, all that need be known is that after a decade of intense combat, alien encroachment had largely been beaten back and a peace accord drawn with the “Allied Species the Rim” as they had come to be called.

The Birth of the Conclave.

            Roger Eisenhorn was the leader of the ground defense of Davenport during the siege all those many years ago. He had been long forgotten, regardless of his key part in the continued existence of human civilization on Davenport (and arguably the entire Rim, though this is speculative at best). Though embittered with his lot in history, he set out to form a collection of Rim War veterans, and equipment to make a “sector army for the protection of corporate assets” as he put it.  The trend spread through several of Davenport’s key trading partners, and Rim War Veteran “Conclave houses” started to appear. Part jail, part armory and barracks, these homes were used by the veterans to keep the peace and to house their families.

The Conclave Revolts

            In the following years after the Rim War, corporate officials and military forces flooded the area, staying in every available space, in many cases, displacing families from their apartment blocks. With no where left to go, these citizens moved to the Conclave Houses. The tension begins to build, as alien immigrants and slave workers are brought in to reinforce the corporate infrastructure in the sector. Putting millions of humans out of work, and driving 85% of the non-corporate sponsored civilians into poverty, public revolts became common place, but the anger reached a head when a Conclave Veterans Rights Rally, was forcibly put down by armed corporate soldiers.  The next day, conclave forces opened into armed revolution against corporation forces in the Rim Worlds. “Repurposed” alien slaves were used as cannon fodder early in the revolt and as slave militia in the middle stages, breeding a callous disregard of alien rights and life in the children that would grow in the sway of Conclave territory.

            Not wanting to be drawn into another sector spanning war, the Sol corporations, met with Eisenhorn and signed what is now known as “The Treaty of Davenport” allowing Davenport and its system planets to be turned over to the colonists. Though, no trading of any type was to be allowed with any other human settlement, and all Conclave members outside the Davenport system were to be considered “Terrorists”  

The Conclave as Government.

With The Conclave now firmly in control of the Davenport system, Eisenhorn swiftly orchestrated a government in which members of his Conclave were the ruling aristocracy. With a clearly defined social class, of Member, Prospective Member, Non-Member, and Alien, this also carried over to the military organization of the “Conclave Militant Initiative” or CMI for short. With Members being the only ones allowed access to advanced weaponry and suits of power armor, almost all members saw combat during the Rim War. Prospective Members formed the bulk of the Line Infantry for the CMI, armed with assault rifles of varied type and flak armor, they are also the primary vehicle crews. Non-Members make up the dissidents of the new society and didn’t immediately become prospective members when the class system was introduced, they are often times armed with semi automatic rifles, and only the most basic in armor. Alien forces, are mixed, while there is a vehement hatred of the alien in the conclave (and indeed many aliens are used as fodder), if they are possess a particularly advantageous skill, they will be place in special companies with Members as watchdogs, that will allow them to use their skills to the fullest. With a military and a Ruling body in place, the Conclave needed territory.

Expansion… Discovery… Justice. These are the things we seek. We fought for the sector, for our families and for each other when the Alien vied to destroy us, BUT IT FAILED!  Then we were denied by the despot corporations, who sought to us our blood to build their empires, BUT WE RESISTED!  It will not be the Alien or the Despot that inhabits this sector. NO!  It will be the common man, the conclave, striving as we always have to get what we deserve!  Even if we kill every alien and corporate mercenary in the entire galaxy. WE WILL PREVAIL!

-Roger Eisenhorn, during the opening of the Eisenhorn Conclave Governmental Center.

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  1. You've done an excellent job of laying out the history and ideology of 'The Conclave' but you still have to lay out what current situations are leading to open conflict with other powers. Does the Conclave need resources, manpower, or manufactured goods? How will they go about getting these things? Also I think we should work on some kind of star map so we can work out the relative locations of our stellar empires. I got the truck from the Dollar Tree; you could probably find similar ones at Wal-Mart or Target for about the same price.

  2. Great story. I guess I need to get a background going if I want to join the 15mm Sci-fi party.



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