Sunday, February 12, 2012

Half Company of Free Marines ?!

Yes ladies and gentlemen you read that right operation FREEloader has already yielded about 50 marines.  To be exact.  1 Captian, 1 Jump Chap, 1 Regular Chap, 1 Techmarine, 4- 10 man tactical squads, and 2 scouts.

How, you may ask am i able to attain all these marines?   Well thats simple. By painting peoples stuff !  More specifically Landon's shiny (litterally) new necrons. Images of the ones i did last night below !

In other news. I met with Chris from Sippin' on Paint Water and we talked about 15mm and i feel like i got the Background ironed out, so i'll post that soon. While i was up at the hobby store i also got into a game with Jim Bowen, we played an 1850 game of nothing but infantry. 

Dark Eldar v. Pilgrims of Rust.
Pitched Battle-Annihilation.

Some shots from the game below.

Regardless of the fact that i used every dirty trick in the Infantry Commanders arsenal for IG, and sported 2x  the number of troops. The Dark Eldar simply move 18 inches and wiped out whole units a turn.  The Jacobite Combined Infantry you see above, (coming in from outflank b/c of Al'Rahem) after slaughtering a giant squad of wyches with 2 Hamonculus were attacked by Scourges and Hellions and more wyches and trueborn.

Though The vast array of power weapons sgt's did take a heavy toll on the thrice cursed pointy-ears.

Thats all for now folks !

-Your Favorite Madman-


  1. I would love to take a free half-company of marines, oh, you weren't offering them to me? Well that title was a bit misleading. I could perhaps offer you some minis to flesh out that scout squad in exchange for something. Muwhahahaha.

    1. You can have lots of this mechwarrior stuff. And I some random type stuff. Like a couple of the old metal daemonettes, some older csm's, and then there are my piles of sprue that you might something cool on haha.

  2. Yeah, I guess better shooting, better weapon skill, better initiative and later FNP can add up...

    1. Imma added in light armor elements like sentinels and a hellhound in exchange for the harker vet squad I had in the list and just reconfig it a little more.


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