Monday, February 20, 2012

Additions to the Conclave background.

The Arana Incident
As the Conclave’s government grew more concrete, and the turbulent times of crafting an interstellar nation had partially subsided. The CMI orchestrated a series of military campaigns against the alien colonies and waystations near their border. This was met with moderate success , it did gain some territory and planets for the Conclave, but at the cost of hundreds of thousands of prospective, and non-members. As the Conclave began to press into the Alien Empires along the Rim Worlds, the PGCC and other corporate forces in the region, began to realize that if the threat was not properly contained then it may well spiral out of control, and cause stockholders to worry about their investments in the Rim.
A PGSCD commander by the name of Oliver Cromwell, was placed at the head of a battlegroup tasked with the annihilation of the Conclave as a significant military threat to the region. He opted to divide his forces into smaller task forces of around five thousand Combat Technicians each, these task forces would hit outlying Conclave moons and orbitals, in order to throw the CMI into disorder, spreading them out over a massive area, so that Cromwell’s main force could smash through the thin lines and siege Davenport.
The CMI, has just won a costly campaign against the Yu’Tesh’ak Empire, and was highly understrength. It was therefore, fortunate that the battlefleets jump-gated into the same region of space, the Arana Nebula. This peculiar spatial anomaly has the ability to mask the sensor blips caused by the engine emissions of space craft. It was for this reason that the CMI had located its fleet command and overall group rally point deep in the center of the Nebula. The invading PGSCD also knew this, and planned to jump in undetected.
When the invaders arrived they found a nest of Conclave ships. and a vicious naval battle broke out. Cromwell’s fleet continued to jump-gate into the nebula. The titanic engagement lasted for five hours and ended after the PGSCD flagship sustained heavy damage. the Total casualties for the battle were 2 PGSCD frigates, and 1 Cruiser destroyed, and 4 Conclave Ship-of the Lines. The Conclave fleet Headquarters itself had also been boarded by an assault force of 2500 Combat Technicians, who were still fighting after Cromwell ordered the general retreat.
These men continued to fight for another hour and a half, before realizing they had been abandoned. The surrender of Operations Manager McCormish, marks the end of the Arana Incident.

Current Age.
With the PGSCD invasion stoppered for the time being. CMI commanders have turned their attentions away from outlying alien worlds, to recruiting for an invasion into the Corporate worlds of the Rim. The captured forces from the Arana incident have merged themselves with the CMI. Feelings of abandonment rife among them. These men have tutored the CMI command staff in tactics and organizational doctrines. Slowly but surely, the CMI is transforming from a grouping of Veteran troopers leading inexperienced militia to a hardened officer corp, leading mixed veterans and units of drilled regulars.
The largest weakness of this fighting force is it lack of modern military vehicles. much of the conclave mechanized support relies upon Rim War relics, or armored civilian vehicles and equipment. The proposed resolution to this dilemma is a massed invasion of the Isthumas Foundry Planets., located deep within the Corporate held rim planets. This invasion would be long, bloody and probably cost millions of lives before it’s completion. But the ambitions of the Conclave are no longer doubted and with their power rising, their long wished crusade against the “Despot Corporations” may be close at hand.

Its hard to get the lighting and focus on these tiny mini's.    But here are some of the CMI infantry i've painted.  1, 8man squad so far.

Also, i've bought two flatbed matchbox trucks at the dollar store. (which looking at them appear to be the same one Chris purchased for his PGCC)  I'll be converting them to be APC's for the infantry you see in the pics above.  im thinking you could probably seat 8 in the back all crammed together. though only 2 will fit there with the bases.

anyway. what are you're thoughts on the background extension and the guys?

- and fear not. 40k to come soon !

-your favorite madman-


  1. Sounds good. It adds a layer to the reasons for the current conflict. I need to start working on some background too.


    1. I look forward to reading it sir !

      Im enjoying how the different factions are starting to take shape. It tempts me into thoughts of campaigns.

  2. It's a well known fact that 'The Arana Incident' is an overblown engagement used by non-corporate forces as a recruiting tool and propaganda device. The overall fiscal effect of 'The Arana Incident' was negligible to the continued profits of the PGCC. The majority of the vessels lost were outdated front line relics, those ships were scheduled for refits and most were going to be disarmed and sold as fast cargo vessels. As far as the "abandoned" Combat Technicians are concerned it's well known in corporate space that the majority of prisoners taken by CMI forces are usually executed within twenty-four hours of capture, the validity of the claim that so many sided against their former employer and were simply allowed to join the CMI is highly suspect. It is likely that given time the Conclave's weak and unsustainable government will simply collapse due to decisions regarding where and when to deploy forces.

    1. The only Propaganda tool here is you despot lapdog! The flood of our righteous justice will wash over you !

      Down with the DESPOT. DOWN WITH THE ALIEN !

      +++ continued transmission blocked by PGCC Broadcast, "Here for you !" +++


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