Monday, January 9, 2012

A Weekend of Carnage, and a Wraithlord.

Hey everyone, so i got the wonderful oppertunity to get 5 games of 40k in this weekend. Some pics are as follows. 

They are :

Knights of Decay vs. Slanneshi Traitor Gaurd: 1500 points/  Clear Victory

Craftworld Vol-Yor vs. Executioners : 1000 points/ Major Defeat

Knights of Decay vs. Executioners: 1000points/ Major Victory   (revenge game lol, sorry Chris)

Pilgrims of Rust vs. Tyranid Hive Fleet: 1000 points/ Major Victory

Knights of Decay vs. Tyranid Hive Fleet: 750 points/ Major Victory

Engagement Against the Traitor IG,  very close, very fun game. The bastion actually ended up exploding and Squad Ismael held the objective at the end of the game. Sadly no pics of that.

Pilgrims against Owen's newly bought Tyranids, the Tau buildings are standing in for Mycetic Spore. A friend of ours Cole, who is 100% new to wargaming in general is commanding the 20 man platoon in the back. I don't believe he plans on getting very big into it, but he seemed to enjoy what he did play and its always nice to spread some influence.  

Tyranids swarm forward at a Mechanized strike force of the Knights of Decay. Owen had some poor rolling against the Defiler, which really hurt his ability to take out the rest of my army, since it was his only synapse creature and its untimely death lead to the lesser creatures on the far side of the board running straight into a dreadlock. He dosen't have many MC's right now, but he's planning on expanding the force to 1850, so we'll see more from this horde.

Tyranids wash over the Knights' Cordon and vicious combat ensues.

So that covers the Weekend of Carnage, and I must say the forces of Chaos made some great advances.   The Eldar learned that attacking an entrenched Space Marine army loaded with long range anti-infantry weapons without utilizing transports is a BAD BAD idea. So tanks are neccessary, but i'm looking for a cheap way to get them right now.

To conclude here's some pics of the Wraithlord

I just remembered, i have a way to make a Sisters army for basically free. more on that next post.

-Your favorite madman-


  1. Nice stuff. Owen's gaunts look cool.

    It was nice seeing the Slaaneshi guard and the spider theme, cool stuff there. Seeing Chaos guard armies always does my heart good!

    Is the wraithlord pretty much done, or are you going to add more designs and such to it?

  2. I painted them, so thanks lol !

    I love me some LATD also

    The wraithlord i want to add more designs too, but im saving him for later since i like him right now. Next up is the bikers and im planning lots of designs on them.

  3. That Wraithlord looks great, he would look better with some fancy-fancy on his head. If you're looking for some Rhinos I have two you might be interested in, they are both Rogue Trader models, one has been converted to Chaos and the other I tried to make into an Imperial light tank. I could bring them to Hobby Town Saturday if you're interested.

  4. Yes please. that would be awesome.

    Can't wait to bust that project out, after the Eldar of course.

  5. I'll put some pics up on my blog.


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