Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Return to the Grim Darkness...

After some time of not having been playing or even interested in 40k, i've finally got the spark back. It happened the other evening when i put together my first cultist from the DV starter, ironically i was just going to use him for a campaign of Nuclear Rennisance, with Chris (From Sippin' on Paint Water). But the more i looked, and the more i modelled the rest of the gang, the more i developed 2 stories.  One of course being for the Campaign which they were intended for and the next being how i could fit them into the Pilgrims of Rust.   Here is a picture of the three characters which were born.

In order of what they are in the IG dex, we have Nork, Yarrick, and Straken.

            The Silent Leviathan- An Ogryn, of immense physical power, the silent leviathan has never spoken a single word or uttered one sound from his lips, weather he was too stupid to ever learn how, or some other occurrence is not certain . He was "freed" from the service of a Rouge Trader who was foolish enough to attempt to betray a detachment of the Pilgrims' Fleet to local Imperial authorities. Though, he killed two men, and wounded six more, in the combat on the Rouge Trader's bridge, he was pacified after having his left hand blown off by a grenade launcher. Rather than leave the abhuman to die with the rest of the crew, the Pilgrims opted to carry the giant back to the ships as a prize.   When he awoke, he became instantly sullen and dispondent for many months, doing nothing but eating and sleeping, and patrolling as he was told by his handlers. When the detachment regrouped with the rest of the fleet in orbit around Vallidan, the silent leviathan first saw Rust, with stunning eagerness, the Ogryn broke away from his handlers and nearly shattered the arm of the admiral who was moving to shake Rust's hand. It would not become apparent till the final days of the attack on Vallidan, at the Siege of Castel 1, that the Ogryn meant to protect Rust, regardless of risk to itself. At the height of the battle, Rust dueled with the Executioners captain  "Adronkus",   but the space marine was fast gaining the upper hand, until The Silent Leviathan (previously engaged with munching on a militia mortar crew) looked up from his dinner to see the fight. Wide eyed, he hurled himself at the marine, and threw him off the walls into the seething melee below.

            Marius Thule- The leader of the Cyrian throng, and the instigator of the uprising on Cyrus prior to Rust's arrival planetside. Thule is a charismatic individual and an uncompromising commander, sometimes to a fault, preferring suicidal tactics and  a "hold-at-all cost" doctrine to more thought out tactica. He carries a bulky antiquated refractor field, digital pulsar ring, and intricate pressure suit designed to stopper bleeding. All "liberated for the people" from the Governor, Dutchess, and Captian of The Guard on Cyrus, each of which unfortunately did not survive the revolution.

           Wulfric The Iron- Wulfric, was a key member of the Jacobite Cartels, that helped to turn that particular invasion to the Pilgrims favor. In the subseqent invasion of Vallidan, Wulfric lead the assault on the Blakenvold Gap, where he lost 65% of his body to a Space Marine Missile Launcher. Unwilling to let such a promising member of his command cadre die on the eve of victory, Rust called out a favor with his associate in the Dark Mechanicus. While Wulfric survived, he is barely the same man he once was,  now only capable of wholesale killing, or bellowing out threats or encouragements as to the same goal to his men. It is however considered to be a statement of Rust's power that a man, thought to be as good as dead, could be brought back by a mere world from the master of the Pilgrims....


  1. Cool. Especially like the mace hand and mask on the ogryn.

  2. Nice background for your characters.


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