Friday, October 19, 2012

Battle of the Short and Burly.

Hey all, this here's a fantasy batrep between myself and my buddy Soloman.

We decided for 1850, and went to work.

I brought my undefeated Orcs and Goblins army.

3x Night Gobbo Hordes,
     1 w/ Bows
     2 w/ Spears and Nets

19 Savage Orcs

 Boar Chariot

3 Trolls

Spear Chukka

Doom Diver

Orc Big Boss on Boar

Orc Big Boss (BSB)

Night Goblin Shaman - Level 1


Soloman brought an Ogre Kingdoms force.(Im not sure of all the exact names so, apologies if i screw these up)



2x Ogre Bull units


2 of the Rhinox Riders. (scary beasties these things, and super cool minis)



I deployed my forces in a concave, with the general and "bsb" in the center to keep down all those pesky animosity rolls in line and too support against the scary Ogre combat superiority.

A few from across the field as the Ogres surge forward, taking heavy fire from the Goblin war machines and archers losing several to the Spear Chukka especially.

The Gnoblars move across the field and engage the bow unit of goblins who hack them to bits and proceed to chase them into a terrifyingly precarious position directly in front of the ogre bulls on my left flank.

Combat quickly is joined in a series of charges all across the field, and dozens lose their lives, 2 hordes of goblins are sent against the Rhinox who are dragged to the ground by sheer weight of numbers.  The Ogre Bulls on my left, rout the archers, but are set upon by Trolls, a Chariot, the Savage Orcs and the Orc General.

Ogre troops take a brutal toll, massacring many of the Night Goblins in combat, but are eventually taken down, though not much is left. 

The Ogre army sounds the retreat, as they have only a handful of leadbelchers, bulls and the butcher left to fight the hard combat units of the O&G army. 

All in all, the war machines did most of the damage, had the Ogres had better luck on ANY of their charge rolls the outcome probably would have been a lot different. 

As it stands now it is an 

Average Orc and Goblin Victory.

-Your Favorite Madman- 

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