Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Skirmish on the Border of the Dar'Scarl Empire

Hello Ladies and Gents, i bring you the first AAR for "Regimentals" the game of my own design, which you can download completely free of any sort of charge here.  

The Game is still very much in development, so check back to the site regularly, to get the newest rules updates and stay tuned.  If you notice any kind of problems while playing or would like to become a part of the group on facebook of dedicated playtesters  use the "contact me" tab on the site.

So without further ado.  Myself and JD (the commander of the French in our VSF games) sat down on Sunday, so that i could show him the new rules and let him get a feel for it. The game takes place during an Active "world event" on the outskirts of the great continental forest known as "Drakenmiend".

JD's Regiments were all of the "Dar'Scarl" race which is a species of Maggot-men, that will be avaliable on 15mm.co.uk  before too long, due to the majestic sculpting talents of one Chris Hollowell.

JD named the entire Battlehost of regiments "The Wyrmfolk" which are a border security army that has been created, due to the massive crusade wars occurring on the outskirts of their Empire.

10 Infantry w/ Halberds, Cloth Armor, and 10 shields.
   - lead by a Level 3 Inspirator w/  Novice of Haggling

10 Infantry w/ Swords, Cloth Armor, and 4 Shields.
   - lead by a Level 5 Fighter, w/ Rally!  &  Remember the Fallen!

5 Cavalry w/ Lances and 4 shields.
   - lead by a Level 5 Tactician.


I used a slightly modified version of my normal "Crusade Force of Balance" which normally operates in a different front of the religious holy war event, but i made an exception for this occasion. ( you will, i hope forgive the excessive amount of detail)

Crusaders of Yeris
This battlehost, has been tasked to the ongoing fight in Illida, it is designed with a form of “Hammer and Anvil” tactic in mind, engaging with Halberds and then counter charging with powerful Orc shock troops and cavalry. Its prime directive is to drive towards the Anabarian Beachhead in South Illida, gain the support of the peoples there and surround the heretics.

Thorns of Equilibrium.
The Thorns of Equilibrium, are a regiment that has just answered the call to arms, after being relieved of duty in the Helosian War. They are hard bitten combatants and saw action at Fort Balis. The regiments commander Mortijal, is said to be unshakeable in his religious conviction, and his mettle in battle is second to none.
 10 Human Crusaders of Balance, with Spears and Cloth armor and 10 shields 
Inspirator Mortijal Lvl 5.

Brage’s Guardians
Brage’s Guardians, are an Orc regiment, that hails from Illida itself. While many of its members are relatively inexperienced in combat (and therefore stupid) the hierarchy is well versed in combating Centaurs for territory for their burgeoning oligarchy of Orcs. They have knownledge of the local terrain and peoples which could prove useful for the battlehost’s mission.
10 Orc Crusaders of Balance, with Claymores, Enchanted Weapons upgrade.   
  Shayman (Priest): Fleif , 5th level 
Knights of Manoir
The Knights of Manoir, are specialist scout cavalry from an Elven colony in the free states of Uie, that rely on approaching from ambush and firing into enemy units, circumnavigating their cover, giving them no ability to retreat so they can only advance to their deaths at the hands of the Thorns and Guardians.
5 Elven Cavalry Crusaders of Balance, with Shortbows and Poisoned Arrows.
Tactician Khai : 5th level


A shot of the Deployment,  my men started closest to the camera. 

The main bodies stomp forwards, while outflankers arrive, and skirmish elements engage in a very devastating series of hit and run engagements.  1/2 of Brage's Guardians come in on my left nearer the center, with the rest of the Knights of Manoir to back them up. They are then heavily engaged by Wyrmfolk cavalry 

A shot of my main body as it advanced past the hill. 

The Wyrmfolk Cavalry, kill and rout the outflankers from The Knights of Manoir, Brage's Guardians return the favor to the Dar'Scarl outflankers.

With main bodies closing fast on one another, the flank combat is growing in my favor, though at a heavy toll, with most of Brage's Guardians losing chunks of leg, eyes, or other vitals. 

The Main Bodies slam together, but the grave losses on my part during the skirmishing, has severely weakened me. I fight for a few turns, before deciding to withdraw to keep the regiments intact. 

Dar'Scarl Losses. 

4 Cavalry (including the Tactician)  K.I.A.

Crusade Losses. 

2 K.I.A.,  1 Captured from Brage's Guardians
1 K.I.A from The Knights of Manoir

hope you enjoyed the opening stages, and seeing a few shots of the game at play. 

-Your Favorite Madman-


  1. I don't know why, but that battlefield looks awesome. It's just some cloth and some nifty bits but it's really cool. I have you started on Ogres?

    1. thanks, lol it has a charm too it. Not yet, i've been incredibly busy because its the end of the grading period, but hopefully, the next couple of nights i'll be able to start on sculpting them.


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