Friday, September 27, 2013

Assemblage of The Pilgrims of Rust

I recently purchased the IG of a friend of mine,  and added them to my pre existing Pilgrim forces. Which as you can probably imagine prompted me into a fit of naming everyone and assigning combat groupings.  But more importantly. It prompted me to do this...

This what an Secessionist Army Looks like on parade march.

Here we have A "Alpharis" Company of the Yurien 3rd Armored. With Lt.Col. Laccarde in the Executioner at the Top Right commanding.   The Chimera serves as Company support for both squadrons, and shuttles repair teams, and ammunition to vehicles in the field.  The Basilisk's are part of the integrated structure of the company and are permanently assigned to Alpharis unlike Imperial Guard fighting formations.  

Here is Valkyrie "Goliath 1" which is assigned to the Rallen 14th.  and The Baneblade "Causeway of Brass" which is Col. Merda's (CO of the Yurien 3rd Armored) command tank 

Here we have the infantry from A"Aeirok" B "Ballnath" Company of the 14th Rallen, Phalanx 1 of the 1st Cyrian R.R. (Rapid Reconnoiter), the 1st/3rd Cyrian Militia Phalanxes.  The Quartermaster Troupe, and abominations from the Dark Mechanicus. 

Sentinels from the 1st Cyrian R.R. 

Infantry from Company C "Calte" 14th Rallen 

Heavy Weapons from the 14th Rallen

Specialists, and Col. Adan Roussef (CO of the 1st Cyrian R.R.) 

All army senior officers, junior officers, and army adjuncts. 

Veterans, from Yuria and Cyria

Core elements of the Pilgrims fleet

The entirety of the Pilgrim's Fleet

Hope you've all enjoyed this.

-your favorite madman- 


  1. Hey, I just met you,
    And this blog is crazy,
    Your guard are awesome,
    So I’m following this baby!

    Sorry for the lameness but lots of Guard with cool names makes me a happy Colonel!

    1. lol, its quite all right! I certainly will post more pictures of the lads up, im finding time to paint and hobby again

  2. Mega ! There's nothing quite like getting it all out, basking in it all for a bit and then packing it all away again.

    Good luck with the painting...

    1. Quite so, i've been so eager to do it for a while and finally found time to pull everyone out for a parade. Hopefully the painting can be kept pretty quick, need to pick up some more conversion heads from Pig Iron for the Rallens. but *fingers crossed* it will take 2-3 years


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