Wednesday, June 18, 2014

15mm Imperial Fist Tac. Marine

Hey all, the Orion Heavy Infantry from Blue Moon arrived the other week, along with some necessary Westarc minis.   I've tried my hardest to replicate a space marine in this scale, let me know your thoughts,  i plan on bulking up his legs.  I also have a platoon of British FV432's that will serve as Razorbacks.

yesterday, i had a whole gang of guys over for a minis' day.  Owen, JD, and newcomer Kaleb,   we worked on 15mm Sci-fi,  played a small skirmish with those,  myself and JD played a 1500 point Orc v WoC battle in WFB,  and there was a lot of talking about possible manufacturers for Orks, Dark Eldar, and Tau for 15mm 40k.  Hopefully we may soon see several Ork Units WAAAAGHING across the games table.

The one on the far right was done by Chris.


  1. WHOOOOO! ORKS! Still haven't made much progress on my Imperial Guard though. I'm still working on them but haven't had much time this week.


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