Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fandex HQ Entries Part 1

Hey all, i know you are all eager for some mini's and what not, but i drew up a couple more sketches for the Fandex, and so i thought that i'd give you their entries in the army list (all i've got so far, other than the fluff mind you).

First up we have.

Lord of the Knights. 

Points: 100 

Ws- 4
Bs- 4
S- 4
T- 5
W- 4
I- 3
A- 3
Ld- 10
Sv- 3+

Equipment: Bolter, Power Maul, Power Armor, Frag & Krak Grenades

Options: Can purchase Wargear from the "Runious Powers" section of the Armory.

Special Rules: Fearless, Independent Character, Feel No Pain 

Arch-Heretic: A Lord of the Knights, may only be taken if an another HQ choice is selected that is not itself a Lord of the Knights or a Special Character.   

Ideological Schism (Ruinous Powers) - Cannot join Secessionist squads or purposely move within 3'' of one. Any Secessionist Infantry unit that flees within 3'' of this unit, immediately suffers a shooting attack from this unit as this unit attempts to purge the "weaker half" of the army.    


Points: 60

Ws- 3
Bs- 3
S- 4
T- 4
W- 2
I- 3
A- 2
Ld- 8
Sv- +3

Equipment:  Warptaint Harness*, Plasma pistol, Power Armor.

Special Rules: Independent Character, Dark Mechanicus 

Warptaint Harness: A daemon possessed servo harness, adds D3 extra attacks to the Heretek, and counts as a Power Sword.  It radiates warp energies and provides a 5+ invulnerable save to the wearer and any models with the "Dark Mechanicus" special rule within 6".  

Black Catechisms: Re-buffs the machine spirit of a damage vehicle with the soul of a tormented captive. If the Heretek is in base contact with a vehicle he can choose to repair one Hull Point, on a D6 roll of 5+ the point is repaired, on a roll of 1, the soul lashes free of its prison, dealing one wound to the Heretek, with armor save allowed.  

Thats all for now folks !

                                           - Your Favorite Madman-


  1. Cool, the Black Catechisms are nifty.

    Since the harness counts as a power sword, does the heretek get +1 A for two weapons (sword and pistol) plus the d3 the harness grants? If not, could use a little rephrasing.

    1. yeah i'll have to rephrase him, because if it added a +1 he'd have 5 attacks on the charge at minimum with a potential 7. which is flat ridiculous. so it'll be rephrased a bit in the final book.


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