Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mephiston, (Blood Angels Commission.)

Yes, another post about Blood Angels.

Here we have the only special character model i've ever painted. Mephiston.  The scary god of marine psykers, outside of grey armor.   The picture does absolutely zero justice to the paint job which makes me sad because he came out really quite well.  Regardless you can see that he's painted and thats enough for me.

Next i think i'll try and post something that i'll be holding on to, maybe some 15mm, or start on the Rouge Trader guys, that ought to be the next post.  Following that i'll give you two more entries on the Pilgrims Fandex and that's as far as i plan ahead.  

Cheers Everyone!  

-Your Favorite Madman- 

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  1. Mephiston looks good, and I vote Rogue Traders.


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