Tuesday, November 6, 2012

15mm Necromunda Terrianbuild (part 1)

The title i feel is fairly self explanatory.  Myself and several other members of my gaming group are going to embark on adventures into the grim dark future of the 41st millennium's favorite hive city.  A couple things are necessary of course for such an endeavor, and number 1 is terrain... A LOT..  of terrain at that.  Necromunda is played in the ruins of a city, built on top of and under and inside and around other cities that over time have all collapsed in on one another to form a sort of industrial ecosystem of waste, dilapidated buildings, toxic ooze and all sorts of other scary things in the dark.    Being taken care of in the 15mm sci-fi minis department for a bit, I've taken the reins on building our underhive. It helps that I've already been working on making a slum city for our generic sci-fi setting.  Here's a quick pic below of the pieces i built last night.   they are.   A two story garage, a small moveable bridge to connect things, a shack on top of a food stand, a Sentry Tower built atop a ruined house, and a large drainage pipe.

The ruins are manned by some modern afghan's which im planning to ally with GZG's alien mercenaries, and some of Armies Army R.U.S.K. troopers to make a Feudal/Communist Nation.

Go to Armies Army  to check out this guys work, its really very nice !   Armies Army Blog

Thanks for reading !

-Your Favorite Madman-


  1. I can get you loads of nifty bits to use for terrain from work. Would you be interested?

    1. Yes. I'm having a ball using random stuff to build things, more random stuff of odd shapes and sizes is even better!

  2. thanks for the plugs! :)



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