Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Plague Riders of Rodentia.

Hey all,  I've broken down and decided to actual add a unit to one of my existing real 40k armies!   who'd have thought it eh ?     Anyway, we have below a CSM Nurgle Biker Unit for addition into my "Knights of Decay"     they come from a group of Renegade White Scar's  who have made their home on a daemon infested void whale/ space hulk called Rodentia.  The unfortunate creature seems to have been fused to the ship as part of warp energies and its organs now serve as part of the ships internal structure.  It's a disturbing and vile thing, swarming with Nurgle daemons, plague zombies, and other servants of the god of plagues.

Without any further ado...

why yes, that champion IS fused to his bike and YES those rats are coming from inside his body... why?

Now i've got a decent amount of stuff to Prime so that will be happening probably tomorrow afternoon. and i'll sit down to start painting the Rouge Trader Crew and these "wonderful"  little tykes and their bikes.

That's all for now folks !

                                                         -Your Favorite Madman-


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