Monday, November 5, 2012

The Field of Scrap and Fire...

From the Journal of Vice Captain Harmon  (145th Shock/Mechanized Infantry CMI) 

16th May, 3034.  

The planets name is Adro. It is a "holy world" for these men... these..  "Sons of the New Age" they are armed with ancient familial weapons, and vehicles from almost a century ago.  The men are getting over confidant, finally fighting someone with older and more antiquated equipment than us. I lost 3 guys on patrol the other week, when the idiots decided that the troops on the ridge couldn't possibly hit them with their "rusty old pieces o'  [censored for public consumption] ".  At any rate rate, command sent us into a tiny village,  with a tank platoon today to guard our forward comms relay and to search out possible enemy observation points in the nearby ridge.  We sat there in the morning for a few hours, it was really almost serene Mom, i wish you'd have been able to see it.  But they came around noon time,  in hover-trucks, down from the ridges, the tanks ripped into them, there was so much smoke and fire.  They came close once, a squad of the fanatics jumped out of their crashed truck, we had to open fire then, but its okay, they went down soon enough.  I was able to get a friend of mine in Aerial Intelligence to let me have some of the holo stills of the engagement that they took that were deemed safe for public consumption.

A view of our deployment on the far left and the vanguard of the "Sons" coming over the hill

Just after the tanks blew open the first truck

The Son's own tank and our boys fired back and forth, we gained the upper hand though, and they were losing hovertrucks left and right. It started a brush fire later which threatened the town buildings, though its not like there was much there to save...

They finally made it into the town, but we were too much for them and they feel back later. We never got their observation point though, so command is calling our "little fire fight" a tactical draw...

Please don't worry about me mom. and tell dad not too either, i know he does despite his "tough guy" facade. Give sissy a hug and kiss for me.  Love you guys.

Oh !  and i almost forgot, one last picture, you can see me in it a little, at the top there, its a bit grainy, but its all i could get. Sorry.

I love you all...  My tour ends in a year... I'll be home before you know it I swear !  

- Luke

Hope you guys enjoy my "Letters from Home AAR"  

-Your Favorite Madman-


  1. Great AAR, I really like the pics. It's kinda like COD 9: Revenge of Space-Al Qaeda.


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