Friday, November 16, 2012

The Story of Dark Vengi: The Opening Chapter

Hey all, i finally got to play the first part of the Nuclear Renaissance Campaign against Chris from Sippin' on Paint Water the other day.

The Scene unfolds in the vicinity of a Church of the Blinding Dawn mission house on the outskirts of Roam.   The Sanctum Guard had reached the post early the previous night, and instructing the clerics and monks within to lay out all their supplies in the street, set up a ambush for Vengi's horde.  

As his host sweeps into town, Vengi spots the obvious bait lying on the ground,  eager to end the pursuit then and there and to humiliate his opponents Vengi surges forwards into the jaws of the Guard.   But he is not unprepared...

A view of the table/deployment

A shot of the sanctum guards one ranger, who took several pot shots, before being put down by the Cookman who leaped from the back of the spinder (walkers)  and booting him in the face in one action.

A view down the center of the street from the assault team of the Sanctum Guard which proved to be immensely effective for a time.

Before too long a swirling melee broke out around the main objective and a hero distinguished himself...  
Ulf the Orphan of the North lands, defeated in single combat, the Scare'davain,  and the Corpse Ogre after it regianed its sanity and went on a mad rampage destroying  part of the building and ripping up a spinder, which he took to mean that it was exceptionally dangerous and needed an axe in the head.  Yes... things looked grim for Vengi's horde until a lone lab assistant pulled out a small packaged, affixed it to the side of the mission and....


needless to say most of the combatants were scattered, the supplies lost.   and with a mad laugh in the hot flailing wind Vengi's spiteful laugh could be heard by the Sanctum Guards.   

But the story does not end here...  

Ulf and Pietro, the two Sanctum not wounded made to chase Vengi through the blasted streets. Their pursuit would not be so simple however, for out of every pipe, and crawl space came the Vespa, deranged mutant inhabitants of Roam, drawn by the smell of blood and the promise of trinkets. 

Outnumbered but not outclassed Ulf speedily kills four Vespa. 

Pietro is less fortunate and is captured by the deranged mutants.

Slaughtering his way through the crowd, Ulf turns back to finally check on his limping behind squad mate, but finds himself cut off from his stricken friend. 

Later that evening....

Ulf made his way into the shattered remnants of a apartment building to plan his rescue of Pietro.

Vengi moved deeper into the city to establish his base 

The Vespa make their way to one of their many lairs to interrogate Pietro

The rest of the Sanctum Guard are taken to an aide station outside of town by the missionary clerics and monks, and nursed back to health. 

It was a fantastic game duo, and it really built a lot of background that we as players found really surprising and set the stage for a dual campaign (not that we were going to be against such a thing !) 

-Your Favorite Madman-


  1. That really looked like it was a blast (pardon the pun)! Great pics, looking forward to seeing more NR battle reports!

    1. thanks mate! looking forward to playing them

  2. I did thoroughly enjoy both of those games, can't wait till we can further advance the story of our forces.

    1. There is something immensely satisfying by needing to use ALL the smoke


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