Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Art Inspiration #2 & The Armies Army Kickstarter launches

Hey all you guys and gals. Its Wednesday and I've decided that it would be fun to give you a couple pieces of art to inspire you in whatever it is that you might be modelling/painting/or playing.

So today i bring you first off, a oil painting from the Napoleonic Wars.

a neat-o city of ridiculous size made entirely out of wood

 A sentry robot, that i assume hovers about and maintains order

A picture from the "World War Robot" books, which is a great (albeit expensive) graphic novel series and art franchise. 

Also.  Even though i mentioned him last post,  Armies Army has asked his followers to spread the word about his Kickstarter for the Near Future British Commonwealth forces in 15mm.  The initial green that he did is really great, so definitely go and check it out. 

That's all for now everyone, i hope you enjoy the pics and the kickstarter. 

-Your Favorite Madman-


  1. If you could combine the the first picture with the last one, I feel that would be an ideal universe.

  2. Thanks for the plug :)



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