Friday, November 9, 2012

Dark Vengi. The madman of Eat-A-Lee

His name is whispered with terror in the civilized lands of northern Eat-A-Lee,  the mad man inventor who knows not the bounds of human morality. Whole villages are found mysteriously empty at that remains is the acrid of smell of blood and gasoline.   The Sanctum Guard, the so called protectors of these lands and divine warriors of the Church of Blinding Dawn, almost killed him in the Battle of Floor-Rinse, but where his brothers meet their death, he escaped.   He knew that he must escape so close and deadly a pursuit as the Sanctum Guard would provide, so he went south into the haunted lands...

Along the way turning whole towns into horrifying Mutano Automata, an army of mutants and half-deads enhanced with dark science, and magic.  

With his screening cloud of Mutano risen, Dark Vengi had one more plan before leaving the north. A little payback for the death of his friends and family in the Tuscanii Raiders, that were killed during Floor-Rinse.  

The Duchess, a leading member of the church, was passing from her capital to many of the small missions and chapels built in the outlying villages. A perfect target, for Vengi,  a noble out of her city was not common and he was certainly libel to take any advantage he could get.   

The Mutano washed over the convoy, the Sanctum Guard holding fast held off the first several waves of attacks. It was not till Vengi committed his Automata Magnifico, great vehicles of deranged purpose and design, that the day swung in his favor.  The Duchess, was taken, turned into a Mutano Automata herself, sickening in her form and deadly in her armament she was a hideous mockery of her former self.  
She travels with him still, an idle plaything for Vengi to abuse as he sees fit.      

Knowing that the Sanctum Guard would soon come for him with a fury, he headed with all due speed to the South.  his army very much depleted and his vehicles virtually eradicated, he needed a safe place to regroup, and experiment freely.   That place was Roam, the haunted city, rumored to be filled with ghosts, mutants, and worse from the before times,  still irradiated, and ash choked.  It would be a perfect place to lose these northern church goers to pursue his own agenda....

So there is a very rough little background for my Nuclear Renaissance gang leader, i'll be playing against my friend Chris from Sippin' on Paint Water.  Below i have Dark Vengi, who i painted the other night, i'm not so pleased with the conversions, i'll probably do some hand swaps and maybe change the head, but for now i think he turned out rather well. 

I hope to have the rest of the members of his starting crew finished tonight or tomorrow, then i might revisit him. hope you enjoyed it

-Your Favorite Madman-  


  1. Very cool! I really dig how that model turned out, the leather on the coat looks awesome. Keep up the great work!

  2. No more foul a heretic has trod the lands of Eat-a-Lee.

    1. Heresy is a matter of perspective. I choose to think of it as... Enlightenment


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