Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Occulus Six

Hey all, ive been wanting to paint a small team of Mercs for a bit now, to have as a bit of a novelty, for big games where i need an extra unit, or for skirmishes where i want to mix it up, so i finally did.   We have GZG alien mercs, and a NI trooper i believe, and some rebel post apoc survivors.  Together they make the Romanian/Russian/Durgite team of pirates and cut throats known as the Occulus Six.  

We have...

Back row:
 "The Power Armor" Gregor Siegfield
" The Explosives". Moog Ventatos
" The Muscle". Zull Krupmen
" The Infiltrator". Myna Vanderlinsk

Front Row:
 " The Leader/ Pilot". Alexis Gorbinovsk
" The Engineer/Techist" Ivan Romanov

I hope to get these guys a Dropship or something, either made or bought in the next few months, after i've finished with the Underhive project,  which is going quite well.  More on that next post.

That's all for not you lot!

-Your Favorite Madman-

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