Saturday, November 24, 2012

15mm Necromunda Board & 40k Misc Figs

Hey all,  I've been hard at work on a variety of different things, which i'll post up on a daily basis, that span from a Warhammer Fantasy project, 15mm teams, and a variety of 28mm sci-fi/post apoc games.

First up we have my current progress on the tiny underhive.  I feel that it need more multi-level buildings and catwalks so i'll get to work on that straight off.

A closer image of "the pump station"  which stands 7.5 inches tall and i feel is currently the most detailed thing on the board. 

The term "Underhive Jr." happened to spring up while talking about this project and so one thing lead to another and then you get a grim-dark children's show... which I've been told needs to be a web comic. 

Next up we have a misc renegade type guy, who i think might make a good Rouge Trader Crewman or Underhive Ganger. 

and Finally we have some additions to yet another faction in the ever expanding background that is " The Saga of Roam" aka. the Nuclear Renaissance Campaign.  They are green stuffed Night Goblins, more on what/who/why they are at a later point.  

That's all for now !

-Your Favorite Madman-


  1. Underhive Jr., both the board and the cartoon are my new favs.

    1. Im really close to drawing up a first comic for them.


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