Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rouge Trader/ Inquisitorial Warband Sgt.

Hey all, I got a box of state troops today, partly because i thought i might add them to the Empire army, but partly because i have been wanting to do an Inquisitorial group or Rouge Trader something or another for quite some time.  Deciding i had more than enough state troops to shake an Orc at, i went the Sci-Fi route.

Here we have First Mate Ross,  a man who escaped an almost certain life of war in the Imperial Guard on his homeworld of Cadia, by taking advantage of a chance encounter with the Rouge Trader Vladimir Harsh. He quickly made himself a powerful asset to Harsh's crew with his indoctrinated knowledge of Combat Tactics, lasgun repair, and squad command, that he ascertained from his childhood on Cadia.  Currently, Ross leads a life that many in the Imperium can only dream of, exploring ancient ruins, conversing with aliens of various sorts, and discovering the mysteries of the universe.

Ross is armed with a sword that he pulled out of a Vega'tax Wold Stone on a world in "The Shroud" a portion of Imperial space that has yet to be officially charted.  As a result he is currently the most wanted alien in the Vega'tax empire and has had to kill many of the hideous beings in his time with the crew.

Despite being a highly targeted individual, his captain hasn't kicked him off the "Astral Wraith" yet, because after all, travelling in the void can get dull,  and a Vega'tax boarding party livens the crew up a bit !

that all for now folks !  more on the rest of the crew to come later.

  -Your Favorite Madman-


  1. I feel like I need to make a Vega'tax now.

    1. i was gonna go for, spider-bear-bat people with them, with Tau level tech

    2. That's not going to happen, not while Inquisitor Shevran of Ordo Xenos has anything to say about it.


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